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"Just a stone's throw away...that's anywhere you want to be on P.E.I."

Nestled in the rolling green meadows and lulled by the rolling waves of the north shore, Dreams to Sea Cottages is just that...a stone's throw away from whereever you want to be: Green Gables, white sand beaches, fine and family dining, shopping and more...
it awaits you just moments away outside your door.

Our Location...and Us...and You...and The Beach:

All our stays include a beautiful view of the azure blue waters of Cavendish Beach!!
I have been looking out it for about 12 years now: an unimpeded and amazing panoramic view of the Cavendish National Park as it rolls away in a panorama of colors and beauty
to meet the azure blue waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence...
and it is yours to be enjoyed too folks…its awe-inspiring & breathtaking beauty unrolled right before your eyes and alllllllll you need to do is sit back in your deck chair, reeeeelax n watch it unfold!!

Right on the Water?
Lots of folks call to ask: and I will tell you honestly,
nope, we are not right on the water but we are on Route 6...that's the Cavendish Road...
and right across from us is a panorama of water and rolling contryside view that we believe you won't be disappointed with!! The locals even tell us we are the envy of the thats a bit, bragging!!...But why don't you come check it out for yourselves, folks...dont take my word for it...
Whether its the sunrise off to the east side of us as it rises over the rolling hills or the diamond-like sparkles of sunshine as its shimmers and dances off the distant waves midday, or yet another absolutely amazing and majestic sunset (honest to goodness...they stop you in your tracks folks!!) as the day announces its end, it still catches my breath and stops me in my tracks and thats after more than 12years of being in this front row seat and I am pretty sure it will do the same for you...

Getting here from there: Cavendish, PEI is home to Anne and to many other sites and attractions and home to your home away from home Dreams To Sea Cottages. You'll find us just 1.4 kilometers east of the intersection of Routes 13 and 6. Head for North Rustico on the Cavendish Road and watch for our signs on the right but be sure not to miss the magnificent coastal views to your left! Watch for 8 green cottages on the right hand side...that's us!! Welcome!

Still can't find us?

Just stop and ask a local how to get here from there...eveyone's as friendly as can be and happy to head you in the right direction. Or give us a call at 1-866-8DREAMS (837-3267) and we'll point you in the right direction. See you soon!